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Weedi is a simple way to connect with your dispensaries and find all the cannabis strain information you need.


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Favorite Features


Bookmark your favorite strains and write personalized notes to document your experience with every strain you try.


Find out about the latest promotions and products in dispensaries near you.


Use the rewards program to cash in on free products or discounts from participating dispensaries.


Discover strains that are best suited for various conditions and symptoms.


Get notifications from your favorite dispensaries and always be up-to-date on the latest posts.


Create custom strains to save any strains and document your experience regardless of how rare the strain may be.

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Cannabis App for Everyone

Regardless if you are a new user or a seasoned cannabis expert, Weedi can help you document your cannabis experience and keep you updated on your favorite dispensaries. You can search through thousands of strains, follow dispensaries, and discover the latest products and promos in dispensaries near you.

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Personalize the App

Save personalized notes and bookmark your favorite strains all in one place to easily reference it later. The app includes full strain descriptions, history, and reviews from cannabis experts and real users.

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What Our Users Say


Connect with your Customers


Easily manage your strains

Add strains to your profile and let your customers know what you have in stock.

List all your strains on your profile and provide your customers with the ability to browse through your inventory. With just a few clicks, you can easily search through the strains in our database and add them to your profile. You can also choose to add pricing details to show what each strain costs.

For many cannabis users, knowing what type of strains will suit their needs is very important. By posting the type of strains that is available in your dispensary, customers can visit your profile at anytime and research your strains. They can add custom notes under their accounts and bookmark the strains that interest them for future reference.


Display all the goods

Showcase all your edibles and smoke products.

Allow your customers to view all the goodies you have in store. This includes edibles, smoke products, accessories, and more. You can add product information including images, descriptions, and prices. Choose to automatically create a post on your feed to notify all your customers of your latest products.

Want to display sales on your profile? We got you covered. You can edit your product to display as a sale and optionally provide a sale end date. Weedi is a truly customizable app that lets you take control of your business.


Reward your customers

Show your customers your appreciation and reward them for their loyalty.

Give customers points and create rewards that customers can redeem at your location. Choose to add reward titles, descriptions, points required, and reward expiration dates. Just like strains and products, you can choose to post the reward directly onto your feed to let customers know of your latest rewards.

Weedi has a built-in scanning system that can be used to give points and redeem rewards. With a simple click of a button, the app will switch to a scanning view and automatically scan the customer’s QR code. If the customer forgets their phone, the dispensary admin can type in the customer’s email address and give points without a QR code.


Communicate with ease

Post updates and share with your followers to let them know what your dispensary is up to.

With Weedi, you can post updates and photos to your feed that you want to show on your profile. When posting on Weedi, you can share to any social media platform directly from the app. Your customers will receive notifications on the latest content you post.

Share what your dispensary is up to, upcoming events, or flash sales. For special events like flash sales, you can add an end date to let customers know when the sale ends.


Co-manage your profile

Allow other dispensary members to help manage the account.

Add members to your account and provide them access to post items and scan customer’s QR code from any device. There are two access levels that you can provide your team members. The “View and Edit” access level allows members to create and edit any content including posts, strains, products, and rewards. The “Scan Only” access level allows members to only use the scanning feature to redeem rewards and add points to the customer’s account.

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    Get a Dispensary Code

    Contact Weedi to receive a code to get dispensary sign-up access.

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    Create an Account

    Once you receive your code, enter it into the app to create your account and set up your profile.

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    Share with Followers

    Share posts, mananage your strains, create rewards, display your products, and more!


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